Podcast: iPhones in Education

Our first podcast is ready for your listening pleasure! You can click on the Podcast tab on the front page, or listen to it below:

EduGeekJournal Podcast ep001

A friend and co-worker of the EduGeeks, Qin, was recently lucky enough to get an iPhone. So we just had to check it out. After enjoying a rousing lunch at Sawadikas (our favorite Thai place in Richardson TX), We pondered the educational impact of the iPhone on education. Erin, Katrina, and Matt decided to go and record our first podcast. Our thoughts ranged from cel phones in education, to the iPhone itself, to the future of hand held computers. See if you can count how many times Matt says “uhhh…”

EduGeek Journal on an iPhone

EduGeekJournal.com on the iPhone at Sawadkas.
It was too dark for the iPhone to show up.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: iPhones in Education

  1. Cool podcast. Love the opening comment! Is this thing on? Ha ha ha! I want to know when Matt will have an iPhone so he can bring it to work and I can see one up close and personal.

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