About Us

The Big Picture:

Welcome to EduGeek Journal, proud sponsor of your future.  Our goal is to promote educational technology by helping educators stay one step ahead of Joneses. We like to pour over new ideas and dream about what could possibly happen in the future in the world of education. The easiest way to comment on a blog entry is to create an account. Accounts on EduGeek Journal are free. You can also leave a comment without creating an account. There are several things happening on this site:

  • Our Blog: The front page of our site. Where we spend a lot of time gushing over new tools and ideas in the world of Educational Technology. On the front page of EduGeek Journal, you will see the most recent blog post at the top. If you find that one boring, feel free to skip down to the next one. You can also view the blog posts by each user, by category tag, or by date. RSS Feeds also make it easy to keep track of what’s new on the site.
  • Twitter and Facebook Page: Every so often, we run across things that we just want to send in a short snippet about. So we put those up on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Network: We like to try out different networking tools from time to time.  Currently, we are using FaceBook.  Kind of.

EduGeek Accounts:

EduGeek Journal accounts are free. Everything we do is free.

Technical Stuff:

EduGeek Journal runs on WordPress.  We used to run on a Learning Management System called Moodle. If you have lost anything in the change, please let us know. You can set many of your personal preferences in your personal profile. To get to your profile, just sign in and click on the “site admin” link in the top banner..

Support Us:

We all need a little help from time to time. Everyone that contributes to EduGeek Journal is actually doing so in their free time. It’s a real do-it-yourself, grassroots type of thing.

Of course, there are some costs associated with hosting a website, and also with owning land in Second Life. If you would like to support us, there are three ways to do so:

  1. Send us a check in mail. The larger the better. We always like that. But not that practical.
  2. Share our posts using the share buttons on each post. We have enabled many of the more popular service there – just look on the individual post page and share on the service you like.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Tell all of your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, classmates, students, distant cousins, crazy uncles, etc. about us. The more we get on the site, the merrier!

Of course, we don’t require anyone to pay anything for the use of our site. We promise that we will never pull out the guilt trip on anyone that doesn’t. Not even one picture of a cute puppy dog with sad eyes.