The First EduGeek Gathering

Beautiful things can happen when people actually start to use social networking tools. For example the first annual (or monthly, or bi-monthly, or whatever it becomes) EduGeek Gathering. It all started with this comment on Katrina’s Jaiku:

“I just touched an iPhone!”

The jealously that poured forth from those of us that haven’t seen one turned into an educational focus group to examine the educational uses of the iPhone. And to eat some good Thai food. All through social networking tools. The whole gang will be there.

Anyway, in preparation for tomorrow’s Gathering of the minds, I decided to unleash the new EGJ theme. And – there are new features! See the tabs up top for what is coming. Who knows – maybe something from The Gathering will make it in there…

Also – guests can now comment! it’s so much cooler to create an account and post that way. But if you really don’t want an account – you can still add comments. I’ll be posting on other features in the future.

2 thoughts on “The First EduGeek Gathering

  1. I just want to say that I like the new look of the site. It is very professional and inviting. Good Elliot Masie piece on the iPhone as well.

  2. Matt did a really nice job on the new look. We should go easy on the compliments though or he might get a big head :). Elliot Masie is great. Have you had the chance to attend one of his sessions Bryan?

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