Protest the Death of Google Lively

To me, the news of Google pulling the plug on Lively came way too soon.  Sure, Lively didn’t set the virtual world on fire, but there were some great ideas in there.  It seems like it was also starting to catch on with Educators.  And now they are pulling the plug?  How many other dead Google products are still in development?

A group called the Digiteen Dream Team is staging a protest to see if they can keep Lively afloat.  The really interesting thing about this team is who they are:

We are ninth grade students at Westwood Schools in Camilla and started this blog to speak out about the fact that Google Lively is shutting down.

Yep – not a bunch of geeky old people like us EduGeek moaning the death of some obscure tool that we never actually use – 9th grade students.  But that is not all –  they also blog about “Encouraging Corporate Digital Citizenship, Sharing How We Think Virtual Worlds Can be Used in Schools, and Creation of a Digital World to Teach Digital Citizenship to Students.”  Wow.  Even if you can’t make their protest (or don’t care about Lively that much – even though you should), at least check out their blog and read their thoughts on several virtual worlds – fascinating stuff.