Firefox Campus Edition

The Internets seems to be a buzz today with the “new” Firefox Campus edition. It’s really just Firefox with FoxyTunes, Zotero, and StumbleUpon all pre-installed. But, it’s a great marketing idea. I know that there are people out there that haven’t installed any Firefox add-ons, because they are afraid to mess up something. This is a great way to show people that Firefox add-ons are not that scary. They are pretty cool. In fact, I need to uninstall some of them – because they do slow down Firefox if you have too many installed :)

Of course, this edition of Firefox is free.

I use FoxyTunes all the time, and love it. I have to admit that I never use Zotero or StumbleUpon – because I am just too busy to learn how to use Zotero, and too lazy to use StumbleUpon. But they are both great tools. I need to get over that and use them.

So, I wonder how long until they create a web developer’s version of Firefox. Can we create an EduGeek Journal version?