The Web Is Changing: It’s Time to Dethrone the LMS

Harriet and I are going to be presenting our latest ideas on how to change online education at two upcoming conferences: Educause Southwest in Austin on February 18, 2010 and TxDLA in Houston on March 23, 2010. Come by and say “Hi” if you happen to be at either of these conferences.

Rapid changes in online learning concepts such as learning communities, personal learning environments, and complexity are driving a need to dismantle the learning management system as we know it. LMS systems and instructional design are in need of major overhauls and are in danger of becoming obsolete if they don”t evolve. Students need a place to connect and collaborate at complex levels rather than hide behind a “walled garden.” Two colleagues at UT Arlington will present a new paradigm as an innovative alternative to the existing LMS concept as we know it.

One thought on “The Web Is Changing: It’s Time to Dethrone the LMS

  1. Exactly – overhaul is needed. Teachers and IT educationalists often talk about their own personal learning networks, neglecting the fact that their students are switching on their PLN’s at school and switching them off at home. This should change in such a way that they have a seamless interaction with their learning environment whether at home or at school.

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