Guess That Google Wave Invite is Not Coming?

I wish I could tell you that I have been secretly playing with Google Wave for the last week, and this was my report on what I found. But, sadly – no Google Wave invites have appeared in my account. The good news is that I finally got my Google Voice invite! (how long has that been out?)

What really worries me is that there are probably about a thousand or so technophobes out there sitting on their invites because they had no idea what they were signing up for. “Oh, Google Wave. That sounds so nice and refreshing, don’t you know. Sure I’ll sign up. Is it a new soft drink or something? Well, I’ll agree to all this mumbo-jumbo talky-talky on this page and find out.”

Anyone got a spare invite? So far, I have read some good feedback and some not-so-enthusiastic feedback. I am guessing that some of the negative feedback is coming from people that just like to be anti-hype. There have even been people that have made a list of Top 10 Google Wave problems. Already? Sounds kind of speculative at best, and others have already successfully argued that it is too early to dismiss the G-Wave so easily.

The real question is whether or not Google will draw out this private Beta stage so long that people will stop caring about Wave by the time it is open to everyone. If you want to change the way that people communicate online, you’ve got to get everyone on board pretty quickly. People can prove to be resistant to change if it takes too long.

4 thoughts on “Guess That Google Wave Invite is Not Coming?

  1. > a thousand or so technophobes out there sitting on their invites because they had no idea what they were signing up for.

    erm, wha? how would the technophobes have known to sign up before you? the only reason I have wave invites is because i signed up for the dev sandbox, and all my invites went to my nerdy developer friends. I think you’re just jealous ;)

    > People can prove to be resistant to change if it takes too long.

    I think the opposite. People, at least the majority of non-techie people, are resistant to change until it refuses to go away. Facebook has been around since the early 2000’s, but it’s only recently gotten traction with people like my mother because she no longer thinks it’s a fad. The only people who, to borrow a term from the stock market, “pump and dump” new technology are the techies who are convinced it will revolutionize things, and backlash against it because it does not do so immediately. Things take time. In what year did you get your gmail invitation? And what year did you realize that most of your friends are on Gmail?

  2. I have actually talked to technophobes that signed up for it, not knowing what it was. From what I understood, they didn’t just take the first 100,000 that signed up, but it was a random draw from the millions that did sign up. But I am jealous – want to invite me? :)

    I just checked on the history of FaceBook, and it was only open to college students until late 2006. It wasn’t opened up to the general public before then. So, the change there actually happened pretty quick. But I do agree that people will change when forced. If Google takes too long, thought – I’m not sure that will happen. But you never know.

    When did I get my Gmail invite? Ummm…. let’s see. It was before I moved, so about 4 years ago? Only 10% of my friends are on there now, so I am still waiting for that other day to come :)

  3. I just received my invite last night, which seems to be when the first round of “nominated” users were added, and I definitely agree with those emphasizing the “preview” aspect of the software. It’s very much a developer and early adopter sandbox at the moment, intentionally so, and not a tool that will slide right into everyone’s toolbox.

    That said, it seems that those of us in the nominated group were not given the 8 invites that initial invitees were provided, which means there may be even more of a delay until the next round of users is brought into the fold. My suggestion – lobby everyone you know for an invite as that’s your best bet at access for the time being. You may be surprised at who has them so ask around.

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