Historical Re-enactments: Sorely Lacking in Online Education

Are historical re-enactments lacking in online learning, or have I just missed all of them so far?  A few things were created in Second Life a while back, but they either flat out disappeared, or were ignored by much of the educational community.  NASA has launched a pretty cool re-enactment of the Apollo 11 Moon landing online at We Choose the Moon.  All this week, you can see what is was like 40 years ago as the Apollo 11 mission unfolded.  I bet Science teachers across America are now hacked that the anniversary of the first Moon walk is in July!

Maybe people just haven’t had a vision for how historical re-enactments can happen online. Maybe we are just getting to the place where we can take all of the historical data out there and place it online like NASA has.  Imagine if you could have re-enactments like this for other historical events – like the Berlin wall falling, or the Civil War, or the reign of Julius Casar, or who knows?

We Choose the Moon obviously has limited educational potential due to it only happen this week.  When most schools are out.  But what if they could make this site reset and happen once a month?

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