Let’s Continue the Discussion on a New Vision for the Learning Management System

This past week, Harriet and I began to present our ideas on a new vision for the Learning Management System at the TxDLA 2009 conference.  We will continue to present these at other conferences, including the Sloan-C Emerging Technology conference.  We had some rough ideas, but the common feedback we heard was: we need to make some big changes… now!  A few really good ideas were shared as interacted with people and received feedback.  So, coming soon, we will be opening up an area to discuss what the new vision could look like.

The biggest missing piece right now is the name.  We have plenty of ideas for how this can look, and even for a new instructional design method to accompany a new LMS… but we need to come up with a new term to describe this system. ‘ Learning management system’, ‘course management system’, ‘virtual learning environment’, and most all other terms have problems.  Well, problems in addition to being over-used.  We want to create a system that focuses on connectivism, active learning, social connections, constructivism, etc.  The best I have in ‘Connection Environment.’  Harriet came up with ‘Connection Console.’  Both console and environment have connotations in other areas… so they might not work.  Maybe that is what we can brainstorm also.

Stay tuned for links to discussion areas and other assorted EduPunk-ish goodness coming soon :)

3 thoughts on “Let’s Continue the Discussion on a New Vision for the Learning Management System

  1. Just thinking out loud here…
    – Instructional Materials Portal (IMP)
    – Instructional Management Portal
    – Educational Portal

    It just seems more of a portal to me, which is why I keep using that term.

    … How about EduGeekJournal Portal??? :P

    … EduPunk Portal? :P

  2. We call Scholar360 a Networked Learning Environment because it includes all the necessary features of a learning management system and the web 2.0 connectivity features (wikis, collaborative communities, blogs, secure social network, etc.).

  3. I had mentioned the work Michael Wesch has done in terms of creating a different learning space. Several links of interest may be:

    Blog post: Collaboration Strategies

    Other posts of possible interest:

    I’ve been moving to something similar, but it’s more focused on creating individual learning spaces for learners – building on ideas around personal learning networks, blogging in the classroom and using a portal much like what Wesch has done previously. Your presentation at TxDLA though has me thinking bigger. It would be very possible to aggregate and build the user stream you described using Yahoo Pipes. I’m beginning to wonder how much backend coding needs to be done to make something like your vision happen, very quickly.

    As far as a name? Call it what it is, an Collaborative Learning Portal. Or, if going for an acronym: Collaborative Open Online Learning: COOL.


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