Upcoming Conferences

Some of the EduGeeks will be traveling to conferences in the near future, even doing some presentations.  Come hang out with us over a meal or something and talk geek stuff if you are at any of these.  Of course, the economy could change our plans for these, but we’re still planning to go as long as the money holds out.

I will be presenting at all three, the first two with Harriet.  Some of the other EduGeeks will be at TxDLA – other than Katrina, not sure who all yet or what they are doing there (such as presentations), but will keep you post.

Harriet and I will be presenting “Will Web 3.0 Make Us Change the Way We Educate? A Call for a New Learning Management Program” at TxDLA and Sloan-C.  I will be presenting with Tim Gottleber of DCCCD at NUTN. The session will be called “Get Those EduPunks Off of My Lawn!”  :)

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