Remote Desktop Access Using… Zoho?

We all like the companies that think of cool new tech tools for us to play with. For the most part, many of these companies still think within their respective box – even if the box is still out there and inventive. What I really like is when people that work for these inventive companies start finding inventive ways to use their inventive programs. Are you tired of me using that word? At least I didn’t use the work ‘maverick.’

I came across this blog post on the official Zoho blog describing how you could use Zoho Meeting to access a desktop remotely (and for free). Cool use of a tool, I thought – and then I came to the disclaimer at the bottom about this idea not being officially supported by Zoho – it was just a good idea someone there had.

Concepts like this are interesting, especially seeing that Zoho also works on mobile app versions of their products. Could remote access of a desktop through your iPhone or other mobile device be too far behind this? You never know. But think of the possibilities for “anytime, anywhere learning” if that does come true.

One thought on “Remote Desktop Access Using… Zoho?

  1. Someone pointed out that the iPhone already has some remote desktop access applications. I looked them up, and most of them cost something, so nothing like this exists that is free. But it is still a really interesting idea – accessing your desktop through a cellphone? Crazy.

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