Where in the World is Darren Crone?

We know the whereabouts of Katrina and Erin. Erin just finished up a Master’s thesis and Katrina is on maternity leave. But what has happened to Darren? Since his favorite team suffered a crushing defeat with the Super Bowl (by not even making it there), all things EduGeeky and Darren-related have been quiet. I told him that his scathing post comparing Blackboard to Galactus might have some repercussions, but I didn’t think disappearance was one of them!

Please leave a comment if you have any proof of the where-abouts of the elusive being known as “Darren“. Due to the high number of comments that we receive (at least, I don’t know, 4 per month?), we request that photo evidence accompany any responses.

In other totally unrelated news, I updated the EduGeek look a little. The main deal was that I wanted to use an original banner image instead of a stock photo. I have found that you might have to do a ctrl-refresh to see the new image.

7 thoughts on “Where in the World is Darren Crone?

  1. I’ve heard that the pressure of dealing with WebCT was too much for him and he moved into the mountains around Joe Pool Lake to become a hermit. But there he found a large commune of people also driven crazy by WebCT and discovered that he was not the only one. Through group and electroshock theraphy the commune was able to finally overcome the negative side effects of dealing with a forgotten LMS program and return to normal life. Online integration has been slow, but Darren will apparently be ready for the Internet after a few weeks of medication (it takes a while for those scarred by unfinished online products to begin to separate those products from the rest of the web in their mind).

  2. I appreciate the outpouring of concern from my fellow Edugeeks. I apologize for not being as active as I have in the past. I would like you to know that I am safe (relatively speaking). As you can see, I am in a bit of a predicament. I was building an online course in WebCT, and ran into the oh so familiar “Unexpected System Exception” that we have all come to expect. Just as I was about to slam my head against my monitor, I saw an explosion of bright light, detected the smell of sulfur, and found myself being pulled through a long and winding tunnel surrounded by circuits and visible energy. Upon reaching my destination, I was greeted by an entity who called himself Mr. E. He welcomed me to the system. When I asked him to elaborate, he said, “Blackboard of course”. So here I am. Inside Blackboard. Not sure how or why, but now that I have found a way to communicate to the outside world again, I look forward to sharing my unique perspective with the Edugeek faithful.

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