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Jean-Claude Bradley (e-learning coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences, and an associate professor of chemistry, at Drexel University):

“There’s a misconception out there that students are very tech-savvy and following all these blogs and wikis and Second Life. That’s not true. The vast majority have never been [to Second Life].”

I’ve been ranting for a while on the whole digital native myth. Glad to see that I am not the only one that sees it.

The rest of the story is also very interesting:

Creating Life-Size Molecules in Second Life

2 thoughts on “Thank You! Quote of the Day

  1. Thanks for the mention! We do need to keep reporting things as they are, not as the hype would suggest.

  2. And thanks for dropping by our site. I failed to mention in the post that the rest of the article is also a very informative look at how to evaluate if Second Life is a good tool for a specific course or not. We need more articles like this for more online tools out there.

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