(Follow-up) Google Investing in Facebook?

(As my Dad would say…) I’m not one to say I told you so, but…

The tech and investment worlds are abuzz as Google and Microsoft battle it out to see who will get to invest a significant chunk of change in Facebook. (Read more here.) We should find out in the next day, but according to the article, all indications point to Google moving in on this extremely popular social networking site.

7 thoughts on “(Follow-up) Google Investing in Facebook?

  1. If there is a social networking god out there — please, let Google win. ;)

    There was recently an announcement on Facebook that members’ profiles would soon be searchable on Google. I wonder if Facebook and Google have been working together on that?

  2. Unfortunately….. Microsoft won. Google lost. What idiot allowed that to happen should be drawn and quartered. Oh, well. Facebook was good while it lasted. Microsoft will probably kill that. At least Yahoo didn’t win….. that would have been the worst.

  3. Interesting. Microsoft got a much smaller percentage than had originally been discussed. And a much smaller price tag than people were speculating on. Welp, Google can’t win them all, I guess. I’m very surprised.

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