How the Social Web Came To Be

These two online presentations popped up in my daily feeds. Just finished reading through them and thought you’d find them interesting. An in-depth look at the history of today’s social web.

3 thoughts on “How the Social Web Came To Be

  1. Wow – that’s really long, but really fascinating. I think I need to go remove some stuff off of some sites before I lose my rights to them :)

    And… Tom is just a fancy poster boy for MySpace? I’m crushed….

  2. Of course, so far, even the sites with the worst terms of service haven’t abused them yet (for the most part). If most sites keep operating the way they do, it could be fine. But I doubt it will stay that way.

    I’m trying to follow that case where the family is suing a cellphone company for using their daughter’s image off of Flickr for some ads. I hope that the courts find in favor of the family. The essence of copyright law is to protect the person who created content from having it stolen and used for profit by someone that didn’t really do any of the work. I think sites need to be sent the message that just because they store content, or even give creation tools for content – that doesn’t give them any rights to that content. Especially of the site is free for the end user.

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