Presentations come to Google Docs

Google announced yesterday that they’ve added the ability to create/share/upload presentations using their Google Docs online application. While they’ll have to compete with established online presentation sites such as ZohoShow and, Google is quickly becoming a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. Should Bill, Steve, and company be worried? I think so.

Read a review of options currently found (and missing) from Google Presentations.

2 thoughts on “Presentations come to Google Docs

  1. Very nice! I just tried it out – works nice and smooth, just like the other Google docs. I even did a brief share option, and there really is a chat window there! Interesting online presentation sharing tool.

    Something that I wish Google, Zoho, etc would take in to consideration would be the presentation embed code that SlideShare provides. I like the ability to be able to insert the presentation into a class web page – not just link to the presentation. I guess there is always iframe :)

    The one feature I would really like to see is the audio synchronization tool that SlideShare has – it lets you set up a slide show that is synced to an audio file. Since Google bought YouTube – what are the chances they would also buy SlideShare, and then link that to their presentations? (*drools*)

  2. Teriffic! I used Google Docs extensively in my classes this past quarter to share essays with my classmates for feedback. More than once I regretted not being able to do the same with Power Point presentation assignments.

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