New iPods are here!

For those of you who couldn’t fit your entire music library on the paltry 80 gigabyte iPod now you have the option to purchase the 160 gigabyte version. The iPhone has come down in price by $200 and now you can get your iPod with the iPhone’s snazzy interface, but it only has a 16 GB drive (huh?). The Nano now has video  …I could write about this stuff all day, but here is a link to the site instead:

One thought on “New iPods are here!

  1. What is it about the touch screen that obviously takes up so much room and doesn’t allow for memory? But, as educators, we can always rejoice that prices are coming down. That means stuff like this is getting closer and closer to having greater educational potential. Not that I can afford any of these with my recent car repairs. *Sigh*

    (have I complained about my car problems enough yet? Maybe I should go blog about it….)

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