Kaplan Test Prep + iPod = Higher SAT scores?

I guess it was just a matter of time before the connection was made between the iPod and drill and practice for standardized tests. Kaplan has thrown its proverbial hat in the ring with 3 test prep “games” covering reading, writing, and math. It makes a lot of sense. Everyone (myself included) has their nose buried in their iPod …when waiting in line at the store, while attending a painfully boring class lecture, or while navigating rush-hour traffic. Hmm, do I sense a possible niche market for iPod ready driver’s education simulations?

2 thoughts on “Kaplan Test Prep + iPod = Higher SAT scores?

  1. I saw iPod ready “learn Spanish, French, etc while you drive” content at Borders a few weeks ago. I wonder how long its going to be until we start seeing this content required in classes? Or even, Educational Licenses for language teachers to be able to stream the files from their course site?

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