Using Second Life to Go Deeper

Never Mind the Technology, Where’s the Learning? posted a very interesting YouTube video recently. It takes a while to figure out what is going on, but I will post it at the end of this post. Just sit through to the end (about 4 minutes), and what I have to say will make sense.

One of the vast, barely explored educational aspects of Second Life is the ability to go deep. For example – what about re-creating a famous painting on an island in Second Life (see video for example)? Take art criticism to the next level by actually getting into the head and vision of the masters. Pick a painting, like Starry Nights. One of my favorites. I love to just stare at it. But to be able to virtually walk around in it? Amazing. What about The Scream, or any number of impressionist paintings by people like Monet.

What if some artists decided to do something original in Second Life with their own island? Many have, but what about to the level of the video below? If anyone knows of anyone that has, please let me know.

Also – where are the islands based on famous books or songs? Anything from Lord of the Rinds to Tom Sawyer would be an incredible experience. I know I’ve seen a few Sci-Fi and historical themed islands.

(Apparently, this no longer exists in Second Life. Bummer.)

4 thoughts on “Using Second Life to Go Deeper

  1. f you search for ‘Starry‘ on Sloog, you’ll come up with a hit for ‘Virtual Starry Night – Vincent’s Second Life’ on the island called Luctesa. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Starry Night recreation (I only spent a few minutes looking), but there is a gallery of Van Gogh’s paintings, and a number of them are recreated in 3D. Not quite on the scale of the Starry Night recreation from the video, but it is a pretty neat place.

  2. Yeah – I think the Starry nights one has been wiped away. Sad. If we ever get an EduGeekJournal Island going (or, at least, a virtual building), we should make it look like a Van Gough painting. Or maybe even a Salvador Dali painting :)

  3. The Scream has always been a painting that intrigued me. I have always been captivated by that painting… imagine walking IN A PAINTING. How cool is that. shame that it’s wiped.

  4. Dali would be fun to build, and it would be great practice with sculpted prims.

    I would like to recreate Monet’s Water Lilies painting… the Japanese bridge and pond would make a lovely addition to an island. :)

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