Elliot Masie on iPhones and Learning

Education futurist Elliot Masie examines the role of iPhone-like media devices might play in mobile learning. (Thanks Patti!)

2 thoughts on “Elliot Masie on iPhones and Learning

  1. The iPhone is definitely a new tool in the distance learning toolbox. The thing is amazing. I think the US will become “Cell Phone Power Users” in just a few years (much like the rest of the world is already). Once it overcomes its limitations (storage is 8 gig and battery life is short), it will be mine …oh yes, it will be mine.On a separate note, is Elliot Masie a real person? I have attended his video conferences, read his articles, and seen his videos. I have never seen him “live” though. I am beginning to think that he is educational technology’s version of Max Headroom. Just a hunch.

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