Will They Be The Metaverse Generation?

UTD’s Emerging Media & Communication (EMAC) blog posted this graphic recently. It’s attributed to the NY Times; however, I’m having a hard time tracking down the complete article. It’s pretty amazing seeing just how quickly these virtual worlds (or “virtual playgrounds”, as they’re listed in the graphic) are becoming widely used. We have the Gen-Xers. We have the Millenials. Will the next group be the Metaverse Generation?

One thought on “Will They Be The Metaverse Generation?

  1. Wow – over four million kids on there? That pretty significant. I wonder if someday we will see all of these separate Metaverses joining together into a larger verse. The great thing about the internet is that you just use one browser to go to all sites. I would like to see a metaverse “browser” that allows that some day.I would also like to see a merger of the Web and the Metaverse – a place where text, images, AND 3-D images all work equally well. Can you imagine how cool Flash animations will be if they could go 3-D?

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