Wikis in Plain English

For those of you who are trying to explain exactly what a wiki is … or if you yourself are not too sure what exactly a wiki is … I just found a neat little video called “Wikis in Plain English”. Thought it was worth sharing.

3 thoughts on “Wikis in Plain English

  1. Oh…. wow. Funny how they make fun of email being the ‘old way’ of doing something, when they are using stop motion movie capture (pioneered in the late 1800s) for special effects. :)

    One thing they didn’t go into was the ability to look at older versions. They could have looked at it as ‘one user sees that food was taken off of the need list and never moved to the have list. This seemed like as obvious error. They went back to see who did that, and found that Bob was up to his old tricks!’

  2. They probably left that out just to keep the explanation as simple as possible. I was impressed with it b/c even though it’s kind of silly, it’s very clear.

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