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I feel I must explain why I’m posting this here. Darren, Matt, and I are *huge* Heroes fans. We have many in-depth, serious conversations as to whether or not Peter Petrelli will blow up, whether Hiro can kill Sylar, or if saving the cheerleader really saves the world. So, when I came across this Web 2.0-ish story about Heroes, I jumped on it…

NBC announced recently that a miniseries called “Heroes: Origins“:

“Heroes: Origins” will air as stand-alone episodes that center each week on a different character not yet seen on the original show.”

But what makes this so interesting is…

“Peacock has also added an interactive element to the show: Viewers will be asked to pick their favorite character from “Origins,” who will then join the cast of the full-blown “Heroes” skein the following year.”

Kind of like digg meets American Idol, but ***SO*** much cooler.

Granted, some might think I’m stretching it posting about a (truly awesome) TV show, but I think the show definitely deserves mention here. The producers/creators/etc. of Heroes have done an excellent job drawing in young tech-savvy kids (and ultra-geeky folks like the three of us) by using all types of internet “gadgets and gizmos”. Weekly online novels, blogs and MySpace pages from the characters, a fictitious election campaign site, and an online scavenger hunt for clues. And you *know* someone from NBC is posting teasers on Wikipedia! Now we get to vote (or digg) our favorite hero to appear next season. I love it!

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