They Say They Are NOT Competing With Microsoft? Right….

I knew this would happen. In fact. I predicted it on my old blog. Google announced this week that they will be soon releasing “Presentations” – an online alternative to PowerPoint. But, they aren’t competing with Microsoft. Oh, no. They are bringing presentations to a “new level.”

Whatever. It’s free, it’s from Google, and it’s online. So, now educators who can’t afford Office, but are too bogged down to figure out OpenOffice – rejoice! It’s not in the Google labs section yet, so I can’t test it out to see how it works. But I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Zoho has offered a program like this for some time now, and I have even used it in some presentations. It’s kind of nice, but a little light on the features. Hopefully, Google will find a way to get some of those features added – like slide animations. The downside is that is sounds like they are going to use Java. Which is not horrible – it just means that it won’t work as smoothly as your average Web2.0 JavaScript based applications do.

2 thoughts on “They Say They Are NOT Competing With Microsoft? Right….

  1. Woohoo! This means I might not have to learn the whole new user interface for Microsoft Office! (Oh, and Open Office rocks, by the way. My hubby got through his Tech Writing class using OO, and he had to do all kinds of fancy formatting.) Kat

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