Second Life at 28,000 Feet

Over the weekend, I took a last minuter trip to El Paso, to be with a family member in the hospital. On the plane ride over, I did the usual – leafed through the in flight magazine, hoping for a vaguely entertaining article on something. Anything. I actually found several – one on the official “Rock-Paper-Scissors” competition (winner gets $50,000 – I need to enter!), one on the relevancy of Lord of the Rings, and – get this – a cover story on Second Life:

Second Life in Spirit Magazine

For the month of April, the article can be found here. I kept noticing how the authors noted that Second Life has great potential for education, and that it is the next big thing. So, the next time you try to pitch Second Life to your boss, and they try to brush you off, point out to them that even Southwest Airlines can see that it is the next big thing – and they aren’t in the technolgy business!

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