Presidential Election to be held in MySpace?

In continuing with my earlier post about presidential elections venturing into the world of Web 2.0, I’d like to share with you an article I found yesterday.

(From digitalmediawire)

News Corp.’s MySpace has announced plans to hold a mock presidential election for the millions of MySpace users residing in the U.S.

Results from the vote, to be held on Jan. 1-2, will be posted on the company’s Impact channel, which currently features links to profiles of 13 presidential hopefuls….
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It’s exciting to see how politicians seem to be embracing this new method of communicating with voters — specifically, the younger voters. Their platform-video clips, photos sets, “demand it” widgets, and YouTube channels are reaching out to a group of voters that has not been given enough attention and information to until now. I highly suspect (hope) that as a result, we’ll see a larger group of young people during the next election who are educated on the issues and who are casting their vote based on information and not on fear.

One thought on “Presidential Election to be held in MySpace?

  1. I also think that things like this MySpace program are also driving politicians to finally pay attention to the youth vote. In past elections, there really wasn’t a good platform for connecting with the youth generation like there is now. It’s working both ways.

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