Podcasting “so easy your grandma could do it”

Ok, with a catch phrase like that I had to check it out. Let me preface this by admitting that I have never created a podcast before. I feel a bit guilty about this (I am a geek, what can I say)? After searching high and low (ok, maybe it took 10 minutes) for the easiest and least intimidating setup I could find, I came up with Gcast (its free). I signed up for an account, imbedded their Flash audio player into a WebCT course, recorded a podcast via phone, and listened to my podcast in the course …all within 15 minutes time! You can also upload mp3 files if talking into the phone isn’t your bag. You can access your podcasts using iTunes,
Google, Newsgator, and other aggregators (aggravators?) if you don’t want to mess with the Flash Player. It is a good thing all technology isn’t this easy or I would be out of a job.

One thought on “Podcasting “so easy your grandma could do it”

  1. I like the options they have there of using your phone to record, and also to mix in music. There’s also a free service at Odeo called Odeo Studio. You can record straight from your computer microphone. It lacks the music mixer option that Gcast has, but it has everything else (including uploading of pre-recorded mp3 files). Every time I recommend Odeo Studio to someone, they inevitably ask: ‘what if I don’t have a microphone on my computer?’ So, now my response can be ‘if you can’t afford a $5 microphone, then there is always Gcast’


    One thing that I can see Gcast being great for is podcasting on the go – say while you tour an historical site, or attend a conference, etc. Just use your cellphone. Nice.

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