CMS 2.0 – A Web 2.0 Mashup for Teaching

A recent Educause Review article discusses the advantages of creating a mashup of Web 2.0 tools with current course management systems — essentially creating CMS 2.0 — enabling learners to experience a more constructive learning environment without throwing away the traditional (“Web 1.0”) CMS tools that can still be used successfully in teaching.

One thought on “CMS 2.0 – A Web 2.0 Mashup for Teaching

  1. This is a great idea. Of course, people have been throwing out these ideas on the Moodle discussion boards for a few years, but that’s another story. What I would like to see is a Google/Moodle mash-up – add Gmail, Blogger, Docs/Spreadsheet, Google Talk, etc to Moodle. That would be nice.

    I think the coolest mash-up would be with Odeo Studio and Flixn. Giving students and teachers the ability to record audio and video comments, podcasts, and vodcasts right into the browser would be an incredible tool. Of course, both of these sites require Flash Server to make them happen, so I doubt that will happen soon.

    The interesting thing about Flixn is that they do have a partners program that allows users ‘the ability to integrate our suite of tools quickly, seamlessly, and with no added cost….Put simply, incorporating Flixn into your property allows your end-users to instantly record video without leaving your site, and subsequently publish that content to be displayed in a location of your choosing.’ So, maybe it is already to be mashed up with Moodle…..

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