OpenAcademic: Do We Have a Revolution Here?

I’m not sure what to think of this one. It is still too new to really know. But I’m interested to see where it goes. I was in a conversation recently in a listserv (Listserv? Did I just way that? Yep, they still exist…) about the differences between Moodle and Drupal. Some one popped in a message that we should check out OpenAcademic – a project that combines parts of Moodle, Drupal, Elgg, OpenID, and MediaWiki.

Wow. That would be awesome. They don’t have a first release yet, but they do have many interesting thoughts on their site. Their tag line is “bringing education to all.” Nice. They also have a nice mission statement on the front page:

OpenAcademic — supporting learners, teachers, and institutions.

Create an intranet. Blog. Podcast. Manage the school website, and all the club websites. Create a private workspace. Manage a class. Share files. Give students the tools to build portfolios that cross academic years and curricular disciplines. Support teacher professional development. Communicate with parents. Build a safe social networking environment within your school community.

Well. There you go. If they can bring all that hype into being, this could be interesting. I also love this one statement from their site:

PLE/VLE/Social Learning Environment/CMS/LMS/Who Cares?

Funny. I agree. Ever been in a conversation with someone about learning software, and you call something an LMS, and they stop you and correct you that it is (add fake snobbish accent here) “really a VLE, not an LMS.” Well, excuse me….

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