Web 2.0 Award Winners

(I emailed this to Matt last week, and I just realized that it’s pretty relevant to our little blog here…)

I’m not sure who the folks are who are giving out the awards, but the SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards were announced recently. This is a good place to find some online tools you might not yet have heard of.

One thought on “Web 2.0 Award Winners

  1. You might want to edit your link there – the ‘http’ seems to be in there twice.

    Is this a recent list? Writely has been gone for a while (it’s now Google docs, of course :)). I’m also a little disappointed that Zoho didn’t make it anywhere on the list. They have some great products. Also – no Gmail? Google got pretty much snubbed, except for one 2nd place nod in a category that they don’t really even try to do that much for, and a product that they ended up buying. Sounds a little biased to me…..

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