Campain Headquarters in Second Life

After hearing the recent news about John Edwards’ Second Life campaign headquarters getting vandalized, I decided to go inworld and find out who else has their own virtual campain HQ. Interestingly, all three of the top Democrat cadidates have official locations; however, none of the Republican candidates (as of Saturday) had one (yet).

Below are some snapshots I took at each of the candidate’s sims. Click on the image to see a larger version.

John Edwards

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

This is a whole new (virtual) world of political advertising. Poli Sci teachers/profs could develop some very interesting lesson plans around this — “Effective uses of virtual worlds in political campaigns — Are we there yet?”

One thought on “Campain Headquarters in Second Life

  1. Well, of course the Republicans can’t have a headquarters in Second Life. Typically, Republicans are against net neutrality, and Second Life requires net neutrality to remain in order to keep working as is. Of course, the Republicans are against net neutrality because cable and phone companies that oppose neutrality are funding their campaigns. So don’t hold your breath on them jumping in to Second Life.

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