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EduGeek Journal: the place to dream and share ideas about Educational Technology. This post is the first of many to come. So, if you are reading this, I guess we need to get on the ball and post some more stuff. Or you are searching through the archives and have hit the very end of the journey.

So far, we have three contributors signed on to add their unique perspectives to this site. Our goal is to have at least five regular contributors to the blog, and a legion of people throwing around ideas like crazy in the discussion area. If you poke around on the links on the site, you will see that we have other, bigger plans. Some really crazy plans.

Also, we aren’t going to pretend to ignore the history of EdTech up to this point. Several of our posts may actually highlight ideas or tools that have been around for a while. I, for one, have at least the next 10 posts lined up in my head. I know one of our contributors, Katrina, has been telling me for weeks that she has a tons of ideas for posts to this blog. So, let the games begin….

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