Create Online Presence With Posterous

I remember hearing about Posterous when it first came out.  It was nice, but at the time didn’t really stick out above all of the other social sites coming out at the time.  However, I took another look at Posterous when a student in a class I am adjuncting featured it in a project.  What a difference a few years make!

Posterous is a service that allows you to update all of your social sites through an email.  It is designed to be intuitive – so if you attach pictures, they will get posted in your Flickr account.  Videos can go into YouTube.  But, a text post won’t end up in some weird corner of either one.  You can also update blogs like WordPress and your attached images and video go into the post, too.

The two features I am digging the most are site-specific emails and groups.  Usually, one email will go to all the sites that you set-up for autopost.  Don’t want your short Twitter update to post to your Drupal blog?  Just send an email to  Your little tweet only posts to twitter.  You can also combine emails, like

The group feature is really nice.  Just invite other contributors and have them send emails to a bit more specific email address that identifies your group.   Any one’s email can then go out to a whole slew of social sites (great for organizations, school news, or conferences) in a matter of seconds.  Or, make your group private and host a class that way (you don’t have to autopost anywhere if you don’t want).  Every post goes out to all contributors by email, and you can comment by just replying to the email.  Any pictures or videos added are intuitively inserted into the post.

It will even update your FaceBook status, or load pics/videos into FaceBook.

As you can guess, this is a great all-in-one tool for mobile blogging.  Posterous itself can act as your blog, or it can push your posts out to most major blogging platforms.

Now I wish we could see Posterous pluck SocialThing away from AOL before it is totally killed and become a one stop place to post and follow all of your networks.  They would need some kind of comment tracking system for that, because I would hate to have to keep up with comments on all the sites the support.  Or maybe that can be an idea for future features – a way to sync comments from all the sites they support.

Is Moblogging Ready to be the Next Big Thing?

According to Wikipedia, “a moblog is a blog published directly to the web from a phone or other mobile device.” Usually, this is in the form of photos, but videos, text, and audio can also be an option. Moblogging has been around for a while, but seems to have flow under the radar. Many online photo and video sites allow users to share what they capture with their cellphone. Blogger allows users to email in blog entries along with attachments. Several services allow users to record podcasts through their phone.

The problem is, there isn’t one application or site that lets you text in a message, picture, or video to site at the same time that you can record a video, and then format all of that as a blog entry. That would be a sweet online suite.

Also, if you can tell from the brevity of the Wikipedia article, moblogging just isn’t that popular either. I think it could have incredible educational potential. Converge Online published an article this week that looks at hoe one educator is using moblogs in class. Very interesting stuff. See the article here:

Moblogging in Schools

The article points to an actual moblog. Poking around those links leads to other moblog sites. I looked at those sites and saw that several of those are using several sites to hack together a true moblog. Interesting stuff.