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Welcome to Edtekipedia

After an idea is fully gushed over in the EduGeek Journal, then discussed and shredded to death in the discussion/commentary area, it usually turns into something that needs to be archived for others. Searching through blog entries and discussion board posts takes a large amount of time and effort, so we have decided to make it easy for educators to read about Ed Tech tools and teaching ideas. Our wiki focuses on Tools and Teaching ideas for the Ed Tech professional.

Edtekipedia is built using MediaWiki (the software that runs Wikipeida. To learn how to use MediaWiki, see the User's Guide.

The Basics

The main topics and navigation list is on the top of the column to the left. Following that is the search box. Use this to find something in this wiki. Following that are all of the tools that you need to view and edit the different pages in this wiki. Please keep all pages and entries related to Educational Technology. Also, please keep personal opinions out all pages - keep it to just the facts. You can report on popular opinion, but please keep it balanced. We reserve the right to delete any content that is unbiased, or just plain uncool.

Edtekipedia Accounts

Edtekipedia accounts and EduGeek Journal accounts are linked. Please register with EduGeek Journal to create an account with Edtekipedia. It's free and it's easy.

Please note: you will have to log in to Edtekipedia when you want to edit, even if you have already logged in to EduGeek Journal. Sorry about that.

Enjoy the Wiki!

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