After one of my usual Twitter rants about proctoring software, I was asked to turn the rant into an Op-Ed. Elearning Inside liked it enough to publish it:

In a recent op-ed about online proctoring, ProctorU CEO Scott McFarland made some concerning claims about how he feels proctoring online exams is “essential” and “indispensable.” Many were quick to point out their skepticism of the owner of a proctoring company making such a claim.

One important detail that McFarland left out was that the exams or tests themselves are not essential. Not only that, he skipped over some of the largest concerns with proctoring, while also not accurately addressing the research that is happening in this area…..

You can read the rest of the article, where I make wild references to assessment gods, 5000% of students cheating, and general debunking of the current “cheating is everywhere” FUD. But the main point is that there is a better way based on solid course design.

One thought on “Op-Ed: Online Proctoring is Not Essential

  1. The argument is essentially that online proctoring is not essential because “the exams or tests themselves are not essential.” That, asserts Matt Crosslin, is because “quizzes, tests, exams, assignments (cannot) measure learning or skill mastery. Not directly at least.” In his own classes his assignments “revolve around projects that have students creating artifacts that match closely what they would do in a real life position in our field.” And if you think about it, there’s no proctoring or plagiarism detection system in the workplace – and no need for one.

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