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While doing some research for an upcoming presentation, I needed to come up with a list for all of the tools that Zoho offers. It turns out that the list has grown since I was last there.

Zoho already showcases several online tools that Google has – documents, spreadsheets, email, chat, calendars, to-do lists, etc. They also have presentations (PowerPoint-ish), wikis, databases (think MS Access), project managment. Now, they are adding ZohoMeeting and ZohoNotebook. ZohoMeeting is a Web Conferencing Tool that also looks to allow remote desktop access for people as they are away from their computers. ZohoNotebook is some type of multimedia share system that allows users to embed RSS feeds, music, vidoes, etc.

They are also offering downloads that allow you to sync your Desktop office documents with your online account. Nice. And a browser plugin for IE and Firefox that will allow you to open Office documents online – in your web browser. If someone gives you a link to a Word doc online, and you are a Firefox user – you can now open it directly in your browser.

I also liked one of the features of the ZohoChat: embed a chat in your website. Distance Ed teachers can now have a simpler way to conference with students online:

(click image to see the demo)
Zoho Chat

(had to move the chat interface to another page, because apparently it likes to steal the attention for the entire page…)

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