Dilbert Puts The Smack-Down on Millennials

I think we all know a millennial like this one. Or at least a famous conference speaker that idolizes millennials so much that they come across the same way. Don’t want to break any copyright laws, so I won’t put the comic here. But click the link for a good laugh (EDIT: seems that dilbert.com now lets you embed comics in your site now):


Matt Crosslin

Matt is currently the Learning Innovation Coordinator with the UT Arlington LINK Research Lab. His research focuses on Learning Theory, Innovation, and learner empowerment. Matt holds a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas, a Master of Education in Educational Technology from UT Brownsville, and a Bachelors of Science in Education from Baylor University. His research interests include instructional design, learning pathways, sociocultural theory, heutagogy, virtual reality, and open networked learning. He has a background in instructional design and teaching at both the secondary and university levels and has been an active blogger and conference presenter. He also enjoys networking and collaborative efforts involving faculty, students, administration, and anyone involved in the education process.

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