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Not only do the EduGeeks keep a vigilant eye on the cutting edge of Ed Tech news, but we also break free from our computers every once and a while and interact with the real world. If you happen to be at any of the upcoming events, feel free to stop by and say “Hi.”  Here are some recent and upcoming events:

Katrina has been the busiest of all, getting ready to welcome a new EduGeek into the world.  She also recently presented on Second Life at the T-BUG 2007 conference.

Darren recently had an article (“10 Tips to Extend the Shelf Life of your Course”) published in the Online Classroom journal. He also presented on the “Educational Applications of Second Life” at WCET 2007 conference.  His article and presentations can be found on the presentations page of his personal site.  Coming up in 2008 for Darren:

  • March 2008: presenting on “SACS & Online Learning” at TxDLA 2008

Erin has been busy finishing up a Masters degree and getting several presentations ready for 2008:

  • February 2008: presenting on “Second Life for Administrators” at the E-Learning Conference with the Dallas County Community College District.
  • March 2008: presenting on “Second Life for Administrators” at TxDLA 2008, also with DCCCD.
  • March 2008: presenting on Second Life at DCCCD Conference Day.

Matt was recently interviewed by Online Classroom.  He answered some questions about the differences between blogs and discussion boards in online learning.  He also seems to start a new blog about every two months.  Coming up in 2008 for Matt:

  • March 2008: hands-on presentation at TxDLA 2008: “Effective Instructional Design Techniques in Moodle and Second Life.”
  • June 2008: presenting on “The Future of the Internet – Web 3.0 and 3-D Web” at NUTN 2008.
  • Finishing up his first book: “Everything I Ever Learned in Life I Posted on a Blog Somewhere: Confessions of an Online Publishing Addict.
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