National Distance Learning Week

Don’t worry – you haven’t missed it yet! I hear the tradition is to lavish expense techie gifts on your favorite bloggers during this week (stuff like iPhones, laptops, etc). NDLW will be November 12-16… so mark your calendars and start saving up!

My delusions aside, NDLW is a reality:

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) will hold the 2007 National Distance Learning Week (NDLW), November 12 -16, 2007. NDLW is an initiative that will generate broader awareness and appreciation for distance learning within the areas of pre-k-12 education, higher and continuing education, home schooling, as well as business, corporate, military, government, and telehealth markets. Since 1987, USDLA has been the world’s premier distance learning association.

More information can be found at

This, of course, is primarily for our readers in the US. I did a quick search to find out if there is an International Distance Learning Week, or some other commemorative week like this is other countries. I didn’t immediately find any, but if you know of some – please feel free to leave details in the comments.

Matt Crosslin
Matt is currently the Learning Innovation Coordinator with the UT Arlington LINK Research Lab. His research focuses on Learning Theory, Innovation, and learner empowerment. Matt holds a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas, a Master of Education in Educational Technology from UT Brownsville, and a Bachelors of Science in Education from Baylor University. His research interests include instructional design, learning pathways, sociocultural theory, heutagogy, virtual reality, and open networked learning. He has a background in instructional design and teaching at both the secondary and university levels and has been an active blogger and conference presenter. He also enjoys networking and collaborative efforts involving faculty, students, administration, and anyone involved in the education process.

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  1. Just discovered your blog and podcast and subscribed. Great resource!

    Thanks for plugging NDLW. I just did the same. You may be interested in hearing my interview of their National Committee Chair, Dr. Ken Hartman, on my e-learning podcast at

    I’ll be happy to give your site a plug in my next episode.


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