Video Blurbs: Multitouch Interface and the Semantic Web

Turns out that MIT’s Technology Review is a very interesting site. (No surprise there. How much more wonderfully geeky can you get than MIT?) While browsing their site, I found their Documentaries section to have several interesting video clips, two of which I thought fellow edugeeks would find interesting.

Jeff Han on a Better Interface
I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Tech Review currently has an interesting video available titled “Jeff Han on a Better Interface”. Not only does the video discuss the obvious advantages multitouch functionality provides in terms of user interface, but he also discusses multitouch in relation to mirror and virtual worlds, collaboration, and information management.
[Jeff Han on a Better Interface]

Tim Berners-Lee on the Semantic Web
The inventor of the World Wide Web explains how the Semantic Web works and how it will transform how we use and understand data.
[Tim Berners-Lee on the Semantic Web]

Katrina Adams
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One thought on “Video Blurbs: Multitouch Interface and the Semantic Web

  1. Matt Crosslin

    Wow – that is a really cool site. Even the articles are interesting. Holographic video coming to doctor’s offices and video games? Cool. Interesting how they didn’t mention the education uses of holographic video. I guess everyone knows that there is no money in education :) But it’s definitely the best place to use holographic videos. Just dream of the day when big screen Hi-Def holographic videos, Second Life, Mirror Worlds, 3-D scanners, 3-D printers, and those video cameras that map your every move to your avatar all merge into one product. Holodecks, here we come!

    (I’ll be staring at the ceiling dreaming now, instead of working, all day today. If you need me, contact Never Never Land…)

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