Virtual Munich

(Found this on 3pointD today…) Virtual world architecture firm in-world momentum is in the early construction phase of a new build called Virtual Munich. You can get updates on their progress on the Virtual Munich blog. (Scroll down a bit to find the posts in English.)

Yet another promising addition to the totally immersive learning environments available in SL. Add this to Virtual Morrocco (Casablanca), International Space Museum (Spaceport Alpha), and ancient Rome (Roma). And if anyone out there is trying to think up ideas, here’s my wishlist of sims/replicas I’d like to see built in SL.

  • Beijing’s Forbidden City
  • Egypt’s pyramids
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • The White House
  • The Louvre
  • The Vatican
  • Ancient Mayan ruins
  • Mariana Trench
  • International Space Station
  • Carlsbad Caverns

I could keep going. (One I don’t know how to describe in 2-3 words is maybe a sim that has various areas showing chemical reactions taking place — like what exactly happens to molecules when you mix baking soda and vinegar.) Even as I try to wrap up this post, I’m thinking of more. (What if you created a sim thats landscape was like Mars?) …

Katrina Adams

Howdy folks! I’m an Instructional Designer at UT Dallas. I have a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Angelo State University and a Master’s in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas. I’ve been working in edtech for 11 years. Hmm… what else? I’m a *huge* fan of that little Irish band called U2, and I’m a bigtime Firefly/Serenity advocate.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Munich

  1. Matt Crosslin

    Here’s my wish list (at least the ones that aren’t on your list):

    • Taj Mahal/other Indian landmarks (my wife is half-Indian, so I am a little biased here)
    • More historical re-creations: The Temple of Jerusalem, Chitzen Itza (Mayan city), Medieval Europe, etc…
    • More fictional re-creations: Tattooine, Death Star, Malacandra, The Shire, Gotham, etc…
  2. Erin Jennings

    How about inside the human body? :) The Magic School Bus/Innerspace meets Second Life! You could do so much with it… interactive, immersive representations of the brain, the heart, the respiratory and circulatory systems… Maybe even build-your-own DNA, where you can tweak it to change species and other traits. It would be interesting to witness (or even control) the spread of viruses or cancer, and then watch treatments at work.

    Atoms and molecules… Maybe you start big — like the sun — and travel all the way down to the subatomic level.

    National Parks, Mount Everest, the Library of Alexandria… we’ll never run out of things to create and recreate in SL.

  3. Katrina Adams

    Talk about exciting!! And now it seems like doing all this will be easier with sculpted prims.

    Which, by the way, are no where near as easy as I’d planned on them being. I expected little nodes all over the place that I could pull to stretch, squish, and alter to the perfect shape. Nope. Has something to do with 3D texturing, so I’m hoping, Erin, that you, our talented virtual architect, can make some sense out of this and pass along your knowledge those of us who are not 3D modelers. :D

  4. Katrina Adams

    Yeah! Lots of places to hang out, hear good music, and get your virtual palm read. And who knows — we might see some “colorful” avatars that match those you’d see in RL!

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