Virtual Worlds Galore!

As I attempt to catch up on the ~3000 SLED messages in my mailbox, I came across a link that lists many virtual worlds out there. Found some interesting new ones I’d like to look more into. I know that Second Life and (to a much lesser extent) There have been used in educational settings, but I’d like to dig more into some others. Thought you guys might like a look as well.

Update: I found another site that kind of puts my original link to shame. (See site listed below.) Virtual Worlds Review lists them by category — Best For Kids, Best For Teens, Free Access, etc. Enjoy!

Katrina Adams
Howdy folks! I'm an Instructional Designer at UT Dallas. I have a Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Angelo State University and a Master's in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas. I've been working in edtech for 11 years. Hmm... what else? I'm a *huge* fan of that little Irish band called U2, and I'm a bigtime Firefly/Serenity advocate.

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